K-Pop artist and actor Lee Jihan, 24, is killed in a mob crush in Seoul.

South Korea's SEOUL Among the more than 150 people murdered in the crowd surge disaster on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, was singer-actor Lee Jihan.

Two agencies that represent the K-pop singer and actor, who was 24 years old, confirmed his passing to Billboard on Sunday 

According to Billboard, Jihan made his debut in the Korean entertainment business as a competitor in the second season of "Produce 101," a singing contest for aspiring K-pop stars hoping to land a seat in an 11-member boy band 

Lee Jihan was one of 154 individuals who perished in the stampede, which took place on Saturday in the capital city's popular nightlife area of Itaewon. 

Thousands of people had gathered in the district's winding streets to celebrate Halloween when the crowd size grew too great, causing panic and a fatal mob surge.

In the days following the catastrophe, thousands of missing person reports and injuries to over 80 people were reported. 

A time of national mourning has been declared by the Korean government and will endure until November 5.In the wake of the tragedy, a number of K-pop song releases and events have been cancelled or delayed.

After appearing on the reality show, Jihan made the switch to acting in 2019, starting his career by playing a high school student who loves ramen in the web sitcom "Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day," according to the Korean Times on Monday.

One of the companies that represented Jihan, 935 Entertainment, issued a statement regarding his passing. According to the statement acquired by the Korean Times, The company released a statement saying, "Our cherished actor Lee has departed us.

"He was a generous and nice man. It seems amazing that we can no longer see him grinning at everyone he encountered."