Cartoon Network going shutdown? after Warner Brothers merger.

Warner Bros. Discovery refuted the rumours that Cartoon Network Studios will be closing, calling them untrue. 

Cartoon Network would continue to be accessible despite personnel cutbacks, the business said.

In a recent statement, Warner Bros. announced the layoffs of about 82 workers from a variety of departments, including animation, scripted, and unscripted divisions. 

It followed the company's announcement that Cartoon Network Studio and Warner Bros. Channel would be combined into a single organisation with the name Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Television is reportedly looking for new employees and aiming to overhaul its economic strategy.

The most recent changes made by Cartoon Network Studios come at a time when some of their cartoon shows are harder for consumers to access.

In addition, Nielsen data show that Cartoon Network viewership declined by 26% in 2021, continuing a trend of falling ratings for the network.