Add Your Heading Text Here I don’t normally take part in Halloween, because I’m not fond of the holidays, but I still give out candy to children on Halloween. The day before Halloween I had stocked up on candy, to give away so I would have lots for little trick or treaters coming by. I […]


Hi every one, this story is sent by my friend Mercy G, so let’ start Fictional stories go as far as they can and Indo wrote some out of pure joy and scares and some are actually real but I choose not to say which are which, but this is one story that bothers me, […]


Hi every one, this story is sent by my friend Patrick so let’ start,  I’ve always been a firm nonbeliever of the paranormal, however after the events of this day my perspective has definitely changed. Back when I lived in New York I worked as a taxi driver. It was relatively easy money, and sometimes […]


Hi, Eveyone, Chad sat in his car distraught and crying harder than he ever had, head on the steering wheel after hearing the bad news his wife barb died due to brain aneurysm at work, he had just came out from the hospital and sat in the parking lot for over an hour handling calls […]


Hi Everyone, my names Tom, When I was young, I used to visit my uncle during the summer and help him with the farm animals and duties which I liked because I’d visit the one horse we called Mary, she was a nice horse and never had any problems with her, gentle and really tame. […]


Hi everyone, it started from a new house we bought a new house because the old house was a bit small and far away from my office. then my wife and I shifted to that new house, and we were so tired of shifting everything so we slept early that night. everything was fine that day but the next […]


Hii everyone, I brought a new story so lets start,  In a small town between the border of North and South Dakota is a story that was told many many times and rarely the story would change cause the truth of it was something no one rarely messed with. 1819 in the vicinity before the […]

ROOM 208

Hi Everyone, This is a true story of a hotel we purchased. I’m not really sure how to explain any of it, This is about some things that have happened to room 208 and what happened on 03/12/22. It is so strange, it motivated me to write about it.I’m a business owner, where our company […]


Hi Everyone, When I was in high school, I babysat for some families in my neighbourhood to make some extra money. I was pretty close with the kids since I had been babysitting them for years. One night I get a text saying they were a friend of one of the families I babysit for. […]