Know? Are you going empty-handed to get Gudhipadvyala Kadulimbachi? Gudi Padwa 2023 Why are neem leaves eaten in Gudi Padwa?

Gudi Padova 2023: The day of the Hindu rainy season means year-pratipada, that is, Gudhipadwa (Gudi Padwa 2023). Yanda Gudhipadwa is on March 22, or in the morning Gudhis get up in front of the house. On this day, it is customary to eat Kadulimbachi Kowali. There are scriptures to take prasad prepared with kadulimb on that day. Prasad is prepared by mixing Kadulimbachi (Neem Tree), cranberry leaves, flowers, chickpea seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, and honey. But know what Yamaga’s real reason is.

Gudhipadvyadivashi kadulimbache has the importance of separation. Only the leaves are evergreen and evergreen. These components are very important from the point of view of medicine. Kadulimbat has many bad qualities. Gudhivar Lavatat due to Kadulimbachi being insecticidal. Due to this, pathogens that enter the house get stuck. Eating Kadulimbachi is a good relief for health and contains many qualities such as cough, heat, heat, choleretic.

The Kapha effect is more in the spring season. That is why Kadulimba is widely used. Due to this, the cough improves and the healthy person regains life. That is why it is used for Gudhipadvyala. On Gudhipadavya day, it is customary to eat Kadulimbachi Kowali. Prasad prepared with kadulimb or khalla is also eaten on the day. Kadulimbachi Kowali Pane, Phule, Chickpea Bijleli Dal, Cumin, Hing and Madha are collected and the Prasad goes into the water. Also, the chutney is prepared by mixing all the ingredients in Kadulimbachaya Kovale leaves, Chana dal, cumin, egg, asafoetida, stink, molasses, sweet. Or by consuming chutney, energy is gained in the body.

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these beneficial advantages

For hair and skin: Kadulimbas contains a wide range of useful components to stay healthy. For this, you can prepare a hair pack and a face pack at home.

Stomach diseases: Kadulimbachaya palya is used to eliminate problems like bad smell coming from Tondal, toothache, swelling of the heart.

diabetes : Due to the bitterness of Kadulimba, the blood sugar level remains under control. But it is necessary for diabetics to follow the doctor’s advice before consuming Kadulimbachaya Palya.

Blood pressure : To control the problem of high blood pressure, maintaining the spine helps a lot.

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