I don’t like that the relatives have never received anything from them, says prasad oak.

prasad oak: Actor and director Prasad Oak has made his mark in Marathi cinema through his acting and directing. Therefore, Prasad is a popular face in Marathi cinema. Chandramukhi and Dharmaveer, directed by Prasad Oak, have wowed the audience. Or together with the Prasad of the Maharashtra comedy festival, for the public to visit. Like cinema, Prasad is very active on social media. Along with Prasad Oak, his wife Manjiri Oak is also in touch with his fans through social media. Both social networks give daily updates on their lives. In one of his interviews, Ashach Aata Prasad expressed his strong opinion about relatives.

Prasad has said that relatives are very troublesome and annoying. In addition to strong opposition from Natewaikanni, at that time Manjiri would have been with him, as Prasad has said. Discussions have started after that or the legislation. The interview has only been shared from an Instagram account called Isapaniti. Prasad Okchi’s interview is currently viral.

What did Prasad Oak say?

“Majhya yashat Manjiricha 100 tatke wata aahe. 1996 sali tinye mala, leaving Pune, told me to go to Mumbai. Ukke mulech aaj me here aahe. After reaching Mumbai, both years married in 1998. Aamch lagna happened in 1998. After marriage, I was in Mumbai for a year.After that, in 1999, Manjiri came to Mumbai.After that, our world began, this memory was sung by Prasad.

I don’t like to take pictures with my family and children.

“All the time she took care of the house, the responsibility of the children, their education and relatives. Asati asam mala ekvalam jayachan. Today, after 22-25 years, these relatives send their children to take pictures with me. But they They don’t like me,” Prasad said.

What you give me, my wife

“Natewaiyak ha prakuch mala nakosa watto. They probably feel bad. But give it to me.

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