‘Family members are extremely selfless’

Mumbai, March 19- prasad oak Social networks are always active. So I would share his various photos and videos with my fans. Apart from this, I also share updates about his work. The direction with Prasadnam Abhinaya is also a successful step. But the journey here was definitely not easy for him. When he chose acting as a career, he had to face opposition from his relatives, which he has recounted in an interview.

Sadne nuktich ‘isapaniti’ or youtube channella mulakhat dili. In the interview, she told about the offer he received from his relatives regarding the early period of his career. Prasad also mentioned about Shivaya or hard times.

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Prasad said at this time that relatives are very difficult type and very annoying. What is the field of action of relatives in the early days? Yat kya carrera hota aahe ka? Yapkesha good bank job saw asatis..tar asam bad sunaval jayachan. Today the same relatives send their children to be photographed with me. She said she didn’t like it. Relative has typech mala nakosa watto. I never received any blessing from them, as Prasad said this time.

Baiko manjirich bhi prasadnan wayagne kutuk kelen. So she said my wife gave me everything I gave her. My teachers made rituals for me. Aaiye Mala Gaan Dilan. But the relatives did not give me anything. “Pan manjireen ya sabki kintakona kambalalam aahe. My arm remained in front of my relatives. Sarva bhar tinee aktine pellaa aahe. My interest is 100 percent of Manjiri. In 1996, he told Mala to leave Pune and go to Mumbai. विक्षेमुलेच आज मी यहेथे आहे।

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