Astronomers create a super-Earth between Jupiter and Mars that could have resulted in the end of life on Earth, says a study

There are 8 planets in the solar system, which are constantly revolving around their star, which is called the Sun. What if the ninth planet is also in the solar system? Or should a 9th planet enter among these 8 planets? Until recently, our solar system was considered to have 9 planets. In which Pluto was counted as the 9th planet. Then, in 2005, astronomer Mark Brown discovered some asteroids revolving around the Sun. The size of these asteroids was larger than Pluto. After that, Pluto was excluded from the complete planet count in 2006 and put in the Dwarf Planet category. Now only 8 planets are considered in the solar system.

An ambitious discovery by space scientists direction of another planet like earth You have to apply. Cosmos Magazine Report According to, now an astronomer has Lucky AND Jupiter The theory of the super earth, that is, the giant earth, has been introduced among the planets. Which says that if a super earth enters our solar system, to what extent can it affect the balance of the solar system. According to this theory, if this happens, life on earth may end. As? They also know.

University of California, Riverside An experiment has been carried out at the (UCR). With the help of a computer, a new planet has been created between Mars and Jupiter. Since there is a considerable distance between Mars and Jupiter, this location was chosen. But will this affect other planets in the solar system?

UCR Professor Stephen Kane says that Earth is the largest of the cosmic planets. While Neptune is the smallest gas giant. But in width it is 4 times larger than the earth and 17 times heavier. Outside our solar system, there are planets larger than Earth that are similar in composition to Earth. These are called super lands. At the same time, a large gap is considered between Mars and Jupiter. Astronomers say that there could be another planet between these two planets. But right now there are a lot of asteroids in between that have a full belt.

By making a planet between these two, Kane and his team tried to figure out what the effect would be on Earth if the ninth planet existed. In the experiment, he discovered that this ninth planet could affect the orbit of all the other planets in the solar system. Its impact was going to be negative on all planets. After the experiment, the scientists found that it is good that there are no other planets between them. That can greatly affect the solar system.

It has been said in the study that the mass of Jupiter means that the mass is 318 times that of the Earth. Even if Solar system Even if all the planets are combined, Jupiter dominates them all. Therefore, if the ninth planet had arrived and affected Jupiter’s orbit even a little, then it would surely have a huge impact on the entire solar system. Scientists say that if this had happened, life on earth could have ended. Because if the imaginary planet called Super Earth had a slight impact on Earth’s orbit, then the conditions here would have been different, which would not have been favorable for life. Life here could also be completely over.

Professor Kane says that a small-sized super-Earth can remain somewhat stable between Mars and Jupiter. But if there is a slight change in the position of the planet, then its consequences can be bad.

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