The sun erupted in a solar storm radio blackout in front of CME land in the arctic circle and an aurora was seen

Our Sun is ‘on fire’. This is all the result of the solar cycle that the Sun is going through. Because it is in a very active phase, coronal mass ejection (CME) and solar flares are coming out of the Sun. When their direction is towards the earth, they can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Because of this, there may be a short circuit in the satellites and the power grid may be affected. If the intensity is high, they can also endanger astronauts present in Earth orbit. Once again, the coronal mass ejection emanating from the explosion on the Sun has affected the Earth. Due to this, the solar wave that arose was recorded in the G2 category.

reports According to the G2 category, if the storm is at its peak, then it is considered very powerful. Although it does not pose a direct threat to people living on Earth, it has affected the Arctic region and caused shortwave radio blackouts. accordingMissions using shortwave radio within the Arctic Circle may experience problems. The special thing is that the explosion that took place on the Sun was not directed directly at the Earth. If this had been the case, our planet would have faced more challenges. According to reports, the area of ​​the Sun where this incident occurred will now be towards Earth for the next 7 days. In such a situation, there is a danger of solar storms on earth.

solar storm Being too powerful can damage the satellites. Power grids can fail and even internet and mobile services can be affected. According to another report, the wave that came with the CME leaving the Sun rotated towards the Earth at a speed of 3 thousand kilometers per second. Because of this, spectacular auroras also appeared at both ends of the earth.

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