ALM Global Announces Cannabis Specialist Designation

ALM Global Announces Cannabis Specialist Designation

ALM Global has announced the launch of the Cannabis Insurance Coverage Specialist (CICS) designation.

The CICS designation is being developed by ALM subject matter experts and thought leaders together with cannabis, legal and insurance industry authorities, ALM said. The coursework for the designation is regularly updated to reflect the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

“As the legalization of marijuana in the US increases, we wanted to create a professional designation that would benefit anyone serving or working in the ever-evolving cannabis industry.” Molly Miller said, Chief Content Officer at ALM. “Course work focuses on providing an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities that businesses face on a daily basis.”

According to ALM, the CIC is the most comprehensive professional learning program available to insurance industry professionals, as well as growers, vendors, manufacturers, dispensaries, and others seeking to master the subject of cannabis coverage.

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The six-course curriculum will enhance the knowledge and skills of insurance professionals related to the cannabis business. Those who complete the designation will gain information on how the following relate to the cannabis industry:

  • Sure
  • Risk management
  • claims
  • real estate
  • workers compensation
  • Banking

Courses are also available individually for those seeking information on a specific area of ​​the cannabis industry.

For more information on the CICS designation, visit ALM CICS web page,

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