Finding water on the moon will be easier NASA has made a map watch the video

The presence of water on the Moon is confirmed in many studies. For the first time, a map related to the distribution of water on the Moon has been produced. Scientists have prepared the map using NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). This map tries to tell how water moves on the surface of the Moon. In this, attention has been focused on the South Pole of the Moon, which is an important place of discovery for scientists.

as we told you map Covers the south pole area of ​​the Moon. Shows the terrestrial side of the Moon. Regarding this map, NASA has said that this map will be very useful. The map was presented at the 2023 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Bill Reich, director of the SOFIA Science Center and lead author of the study, told the conference that craters can be seen on this map. Mountains appear. There is also a difference between day and night, which is possible due to the high concentration of water present there. The usefulness of this map will be known when NASA’s Volatile Research Polar Exploration (VIPER) rover lands on the Moon in 2024. This rover will land in the same area seen by SOFIA.

In many previous studies also water on the moon existence has been claimed. Last year, in an article published in the International Journal-Nature Communications, Chinese scientists said that a significant part of the water found in the samples brought back from the Moon must have come from the interior of the Moon. Chinese scientists brought back samples from the Moon via the Chang’e 5 mission, which they tested on Earth.

The US space agency is taking the mission related to the Moon very seriously. She plans to launch the Artemis 3 mission by the year 2025. Through this mission, NASA will once again send humans to the moon. It has also identified 13 areas near the South Pole where the mission can land.

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