The Ghost in Hooray Pub

In one of the most popular bars in Reykjavík called Húrra, there is a legend about a ghost that haunts the pub. It is often believed to be the ghost of a young man who was lost at sea.

One of the most haunted places in Iceland is a pub in Reykjavík called Húrra. It’s a very popular bar and concert venue with live music and, if local legends are to be believed, it’s also a haunted pub.

It’s not the only supposedly haunted pub in Reykjavik, which has a population of around 130,000 and perhaps even more haunted ones. It is believed to be one of the earliest permanent settlements from the late 800s and has a long Viking and coastal history.

The place where Húrra Pub was built is where the old waterfront of the city of Reykjavík touched and if you go down to the basement of the building you can still see some of the original foundations of the city from ancient times.

Staff working there claim to have seen strange shadows on the walls, heard noises after closing time when no one was supposed to be there, and felt someone following them, even though they were completely alone in the pub. They also talk about a wave of nausea on the stairs.

Who can this ghost be? According to some, it is often believed to be a young man who was lost at sea.

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