Ravrambha: ‘Shwaas dhara rokhoon, to itoy..’ Om and Monalisa Ulgadnar ‘Ravarambha’ love story

Mumbai, March 15: In the month of Yanda, another new historical film will be presented to the audience. You are familiar with many love stories in history. A unique love story, written on the pages of history, has been prepared for this Marathi rupee book. ‘Ravarambha’ is a movie ship. Actor Om Bhootkar who won the audience over with his great performance in ‘Mulshi Pattern’ and actress Monalisa Bagal who has wonderful acting combination with Soundarya will work together in the film ‘Ravarambha’. The first look of both is in front of Nuktach. Monalisa will be seen on the big screen after a long time. Similarly, Shantanu Moghe will be seen in the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Ashok Samarth in the role of Prataprao Gujar.

In the new movie poster, ‘Rao’ and ‘Rambha’ are seen together in the background of the saffron flag fluttering in the sky, along with the horseman running restlessly. Or the wonderful chemistry of Om and Monalisa in the attractive poster. There is a desire to do anything for each other. 12 May 2023La Haa Cinema will open in Maharashtra.

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