Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Stories

Haunted by spooky stories and mysterious legends, the Gettysburg Battlefield is home to supernatural phenomena like the legendary Gettysburg Ghost.

The Gettysburg battlefield has been shrouded in mystery and haunted by stories of supernatural sightings. One of the most famous legends is that of the “Gettysburg Ghost,” a supposed spirit that haunts the historic Civil War battlefield. Find out what makes this story so compelling, and explore other unusual stories related to this mysterious place.

The Gettysburg Story

Gettysburg is rich in history and tragedy. During the Battle of Gettysburg, there were approximately 50,000 casualties on both sides in the three days between July 1 and 3, 1863. For many, it stands as the largest battle of the American Civil War and was a turning point. turning point that led to the fall of the Confederacy and victory for the Union.

Haunted by spooky stories and mysterious legends, the Gettysburg Battlefield is home to supernatural phenomena like the legendary Gettysburg Ghost.
The Battle of Gettysburg: This is a photo after the first day of fighting at Stevens’ Knoll, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The battle would last three days and would be the bloodiest battle during the American Civil War.

It was fought around the town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania when General Robert E. Lee sensed victory lay with the Confederates and marched north. However, the Union was waiting for his arrival and a 3-day battle began in the hills and forest, as well as throughout the town.

It remains the bloodiest battle fought during the American Civil War, the details of which have been immortalized by many authors throughout history.

pennsylvania hall

Of what is now Gettysburg College and during the battle, the college was a place where the battle was going on. Today the place is said to be haunted, especially the building on campus called Pennsylvania Hall. Both students and teachers have shared stories about seeing soldiers walking on campus.

the ghost of jennie wade

Gettysburg’s most famous ghost story is the Jennie Wade Ghost. In July 1863, a woman named Mary V. “Jennie” Wade was baking bread for Union troops when she became the only civilian killed during the 3-day battle. She tells the legend that her ghost still haunts the city; reports from visitors, claiming to have encountered her, are often heard alongside sightings of a female figure near Ziegler’s Grove, where Jennifer was murdered.

Specters at Seminary Ridge Hospital

Seminary Ridge Hospital, once the largest hospital in Pennsylvania during the war, is rumored to be haunted by many spirits ranging from former Confederate doctors to wounded patients. There have been reports of ghostly nurses walking the halls with ghost soldier stretchers, and several reports speak of figures assumed to be wounded soldiers seeking help in buildings that never comes.

Haunted Spirits at Meade Headquarters

It has been reported that George Meade’s headquarters, which is located on the rooftop of Cemetery Hill, is haunted by the ghost of Major General Meade himself. Witnesses describe ghost figures in the windows, soft voices coming from the direction of his old store and shadows moving inside Meade’s old office.

Other reports tell tales of a spectral female figure said to wander in search of a lost soldier. These stories seem unbelievable, but there’s no denying that something strange lurks in this historic area.

Supernatural Occurrences at Little Round Top

Little Round Top has been the scene of a number of supernatural occurrences. Many believe that he is haunted by the ghosts of fallen soldiers, both Union and Confederate. There have been reports of eerie whispers, ghost sounds, and strange glows in the air. Some visitors report feeling an invisible presence at the top of Little Round Top or strange shivers running down their spines when they stand on this hallowed ground.

The devil’s Den

However, one of the most notorious places is The Devil’s Den, and the place is said to have been haunted long before the Battle of Gettysburg.

It used to be a Native American hunting ground for centuries. Supposedly another battle called The Battle of the Crows was fought here and at night Native American war cries could be heard according to early settlers telling ghost stories about the place. Even at the end of the 19th century, the place was called haunted.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, there was a lot of fighting around the lair on the second day. After the war, there were countless people who claimed to have seen something supernatural around the rock.

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