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On a large, foggy highway north of Seoul, there is an urban legend of a ghost known as Jayuro Ghost along the road, who appears to have a pair of sunglasses in the dark.

The Jayu Expressway, or simply Freedom Road, is a major highway in South Korea that connects Seoul with Gyeonggi Province. In some parts you can even see all the way to North Korea from the highway. Jayuro highway has a high car accident rate due to frequent fog and poor lighting in some parts.

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But there’s something else on the misty road to watch out for, according to many passing drivers, who claim to have come across something known as the Jayuro Ghost.

The Jayuro Road Ghost (自由路鬼神) is a very famous Korean urban legend that appeared in early 2004 or 2005 and continues the many local variations of the global vanishing hitchhiker trope about which we have many stories.

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The urban legend became big because several celebrities claimed to have witnessed the ghost of Jayuro along the highway. And while the legend’s popularity has come and gone since the early 2000s, there are still those who talk about seeing the Jayuro Ghost when driving in the dark.

The legend of the woman with sunglasses

Since it’s such a well-known urban legend, there are now countless variations as well. But most of them follow the same pattern.

If you drive down Jayuro Road in the middle of the night, there is supposedly a young woman in her early 20s waving at you as she tries to hitch a ride. The woman appears to be wearing a long coat with large black sunglasses, and many realize who they met after walking past her.

urban legend: There have been multiple things inspired by the urban legend. here from goedama horror anthology series.

Just taking a look and not noticing anything strange about a lonely woman by the side of a road is perhaps for the best. Because if you take a closer look, you realize that she is not alive at all. When you get closer to inspect, you can clearly see that they are not sunglasses, but a large black hole where her eyes were supposed to be.

the hitchhiker

One of the reports comes from a man who actually claims to have picked up the Jayuro Ghost when he tried to hitch a ride.

He was coming back from dinner and looked away from the road for a second. When he looked up, he saw the woman standing by the side of the road and nearly ran her over. It seemed that she herself had just escaped from an accident. She asked if she could take her home. The man accepted and put the address in the navigation system to continue.

But before they reached their destination, the Jayuro Ghost disappeared. When she found out where the destination was, she realized that it was a graveyard.

Who was this Woman?

Can you really trace a specific person back to an urban legend? It’s not for lack of trying at least. When an article about the story was broadcast on a tvN show in 2007, Kim Sehwan tried to contact the ghost through a medium.

According to that story, Jayuro Ghost was a woman in her 20s who died on the highway in 2002 from strangulation, not far from where she was seen. It was due to the decomposition that she looked the way she did with her gouged out dark eyes.

According to the medium that broadcasts the story, the culprit of his murder was arrested in 2005. Although in reality they never followed up with a police report on this.

No matter who it is supposed to have been, a name has never come up. Although, the stories of her along the foggy road often do.

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