Tales from the Haunted Ship: Legends of the Queen Mary

Do you want to explore the haunted legends of the most famous ship in the world? Uncover chilling ghost stories about the strange and supernatural occurrences said to lurk on the decks of the Queen Mary.

Step aboard the legendary RMS Queen Mary and discover the eerie stories of her ghostly visitors that are said to linger, decades after the ship made its last voyage at sea. For decades, passengers and crew have reported sightings of paranormal activity, from strange lights and eerie noises to full-bodied apparitions wandering the ship’s decks.

History of Queen Mary

Built in 1934 and christened by Queen Mary herself, the ship is now a permanent museum in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary has a rich history of dramatic events. Some based on true facts and events, others based on rumours, stories from the passengers and crew.

As a luxury ship, it carried many famous passengers including Elizabeth Taylor, Jacky Kennedy and other rich and famous in first class. In second and third class, many more headed from America to Europe or vice versa.

During World War II the ship was nicknamed The Gray Ghost and was used as a troop transport to transport thousands of troops between Southampton and New York; many of whom are said to have died during the voyage.

Do you want to explore the haunted legends of the most famous ship in the world?  Uncover chilling ghost stories about the strange and supernatural occurrences said to lurk on the decks of the Queen Mary.
A troop ship: During World War II, the Queen Mary was used to transport soldiers. Here since 1943 when she was about to anchor in Sydney with Australian troops.

It was along with the ship Queen Elizabeth the largest and fastest troop ships involved in the war and could carry up to 15,000 men in a single voyage. Churchill himself commented that Queen Mary had shortened the war by a year.

After its stint as a warship, it had several incarnations, including being a workplace for hundreds of workers ever since, which could explain why so many mysterious occurrences have been reported on board.

The Art Deco ship was retired in 1967 as the market for passengers traveling by sea from New York, USA to Southampton, England rapidly dwindled as planes could now do the job in less time.

A series of haunting legends

Many of the legends about ghosts and unexplained happenings on the Queen Mary originate from stories told by crew members, passengers, and even those who worked on her in dry dock; however, its authenticity is unknown.

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There is an endless list of ghosts that supposedly haunt the ship, with over 150 ghosts to this day and counting. Here are some of them:

Stateroom B-340

The hotel touts suite room B-340, which was originally a third-class cabin as notoriously haunted, and there are plenty of haunted attraction tours that take advantage of these ghost legends and take you on a tour.

The ghost in one of the cabins that smells of cigarettes and perfume is supposedly haunted by a person who was murdered there.

It is said to be the ghost of a British third-class passenger named Walter J. Adamson who passed away in the room and, according to people who stayed in the room, has been known to stand by their beds, sometimes pulling back the sheets. .

The Mauritania Room

In this VIP room, in 1989 two women were sent to clean it. When they entered they saw a passenger sitting in a chair on the dance floor. The passenger didn’t say a word, but he kept looking. When a third woman came in to clean up, she asked the passenger to move, but the passenger did not move.

They were about to call security when the passenger simply disappeared before their eyes.

the crew member

A bearded crewman in blue overalls is often reported, often accompanied by hissing. He is believed to be an 18 year old Yorkshire crew member who died in 1966. He died after being crushed under a door during a fire drill. He now haunts the entrance known as Shaft Alley, where he died.

the Lady in white

Some legends are hundreds of years old with reported sightings of a white-clad woman or child running around the ship in scant period clothing. The lady in white is said to be a first-class passenger who still dances in the ship’s lounge in a long dress.

The engineer

In the old engine room it is said that one of the engineers died and returned to frequent the place.

Boiler room number 4

Inside this room, people have reported seeing a little girl running. She sometimes sucks her thumb or holds a doll.

the haunted pool

People have reported wet footprints on the floor near the first-class pool that was once a lavish venue with an illuminated fountain and pearl-and-mosaic ceiling.

One legend is that of a little girl who is said to frequent the first and second class pools, but no deaths were recorded in either pool. There are also reports of a girl in a tennis skirt and a woman in an old wedding dress.

the suicide of murder

Psychic Peter James makes another claim that a ghost is haunting the ship when he visited The Queen Mary. He said that in 1959, a father murdered his wife and daughters and then committed suicide in room B474 and the daughters frequent the room and surrounding hallways. But it is not really proven that it happened on the ship, but in Roanoke, Virginia, in 1964.

Chilling accounts of long-time passengers and crew members

From the passengers to the crew members of the Queen Mary, chilling tales of strange and supernatural occurrences are said to have haunted the decks of the famous ship. One such story was that of a former captain who experienced frequent nightmares in which he ran in circles until he suddenly appeared in front of a white figure on the bridge.

Do you want to explore the haunted legends of the most famous ship in the world?  Uncover chilling ghost stories about the strange and supernatural occurrences said to lurk on the decks of the Queen Mary.
First class: The Queen Mary was a luxury ship that many rich and famous chose to travel from America to Europe. Today she is remembered above all as the most haunted ship in the world. //Fountain: wikipedia

Other occurrences range from changing room temperatures to hearing doors slam shut without warning as visitors board. Despite all these stories, the true origin of this haunted ship has yet to be discovered.

Many passengers reported seeing lights dancing around certain decks on The Queen Mary, as well as hearing whispering voices in the empty hallways. Despite years of skeptics and non-believers alike, these spooky tales still resonate with many visitors aboard this haunted ship.

While many can relate to the spooky stories of supernatural occurrences aboard the Queen Mary, skeptics are quick to call these stories mere myth and legend. Despite this, one thing is certain: stories of these chilling events have captivated and stunned visitors for decades. Whether you choose to believe in them or not, one thing is clear: The haunted legends of The Queen Mary will never be forgotten.

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