Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Video Games 2023 for PC

People frequently hold divergent opinions when it comes to scary video games. Others find it inconceivable that anyone would ever put themselves through such an agony, while some people like them and are fed by the tension and horror that come with playing them.

Here’s a fantastic treat for you if you’re one of the folks that likes to play horror multiplayer games! The best 6 horror multiplayer games have been announced and are listed below for you and your pals to enjoy while hosting a spooky horror night.

Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Games in 2023 

1. Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt

One of the best horror multiplayer games accessible right now is called Midnight Ghost Hunt. If you’re looking for a more colourful and Ghostbusters-like horror game to play with friends, you can’t go wrong with Midnight Ghost Hunt. This intense hunting game by Vaulted Sky Games pits a group of hunters against a group of spectral spooks.

The Ghosts’ goal is to delay the other team until midnight, when the teams trade places and the neighbourhood Ghouls get a power boost. With the undead team’s array of ghost skills and the humans’ lethal weaponry, it might turn into a very bizarre battle for survival as hunters turn into prey.

2. Slingo Extremely Scary

Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Video Games 2023 for PC

Have you ever participated in Slingo? If this idea sounds novel to you, you should be aware that it is a hybrid online slot and bingo game. Remember that Slingo games are single-player and multiplayer games that may be played alone or with friends. It’s likely that gamers who adore horror films and online games would particularly enjoy Slingo Extremely Scary. It’s a creepy slot machine reel with frightful themes and bingo components.

Are you looking for terrifying Slingo games? The British Slingo Sites, on the other hand, provide a wide range of options for those looking for games to play with their friends. You can try out several versions and receive higher benefits in those online multiplayer Slingo games. those who play

3. The Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown is one of the scariest co-op hunting games currently offered and one of the best horror multiplayer games. In Crytek’s Hunt, you slay monsters to get large rewards. The game takes place in 1895 in a marsh in Louisiana where strange creatures are rampant.

Each combat begins with bounties for the extraordinarily difficult monsters since, if you kill one, all the other Hunter teams on the map will be aware of it. Your reward must then be protected by you and your allies until it can be retrieved through a ritual of exile. With a variety of odd, antique weaponry, one can defeat a variety of terrible animals and traverse haunting historical terrain.

4. V Rising

Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Video Games 2023 for PC
V Rising

When Stunlock Studios made the open-world survival game V Rising available in early access, it was eagerly awaited. You’re a vampire attempting to survive in a monster-infested planet by building your own sinister fortress.

There are a tonne of magical skills to learn, some magnificently designed foes to defeat, and a surprisingly wide range of building and crafting options. V Rising has a lot to offer, so you need take precautions to find cover behind a wall, a tree, or a strategically placed coffin because sunlight can be dangerous.

5. Evil Dead: The Game

Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Video Games 2023 for PC
Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead is an asymmetrical four-versus-one game. The Game, which seeks to dethrone Dead By Daylight, is rife with references to both the TV show and the larger Evil Dead Raimi-verse.

In order to expel the Deadites and win the game, four players assume the roles of Ash and his band of demon slayers as they collect three pieces of a map, the Necronomicon, and the Kandarian Dagger. If enough players show enough fear, the bad forces can set traps and seize power while someone else is in charge of the good forces. You can command powerful boss creatures like Evil Ash or Henrietta from Evil Dead 2 to cause a lot of damage.

6. In Silence

Top Best 6 Horror Multiplayer Video Games 2023 for PC
In Silence

“In Silence” is the final entry on our list of the top multiplayer horror games. Unfamiliar to some, In Silence is a six-versus-one hunter-style game in which one group of players assumes the role of survivors who must either flee the map or kill the one player who is roaming it as the resident monster.

In Silence does things differently, using sound instead of sight to find its target, unlike the patrolling creep known as the Rake. Consequently, each round’s action consists of survivors playing a frenzied game of hide and seek while sneaking around the region acquiring resources to fix their car, escape, or unlocking an armoury.

Bottom Line

The top six horror multiplayer games for pals to play in 2023 have just been discussed. Each of these games has the capacity to send chills down your spine and fill your home with screams. There are some good ones in this article that are worth checking out, despite the fact that it can be challenging to find the jewels among the sea of copy-paste clones.


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