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I don’t normally take part in Halloween, because I’m not fond of the holidays, but I still give out candy to children on Halloween. The day before Halloween I had stocked up on candy, to give away so I would have lots for little trick or treaters coming by.

I live out of town, so we don’t normally get that many trick or treaters, but whatever candy is not given out by the end of the night, I would normally eat. It had reached the time that trick or treaters would start coming out for candy. So I decided to stay in my living room. That way it would be easier for me to answer the door.

I had gotten a few trick or treaters, who had came with there parents. But not many, it came the time they would have gone home, to count there candy, or do whatever trick or treaters do after getting all the candy they want.

So, I didn’t expect to get anymore trick or treaters, especially outside of town. Just when I was getting ready to go upstairs, my door bell rang. I thought it was weird since it was already 11:00pm. But I didn’t think to much into it.

I went to the front door with my bowl of candy, and there was some kids, in a Micheal Myers costume. I said “cool costume”. And handed them a hand full of candy.

Once I did they looked at the candy, for a while. I was confused, I assumed they were being greedy and wanted more. I didn’t mind though so I handed them more candy, this time they looked up at me for second then walked off.

“Weird” I thought before shutting my door, and going upstairs. I had been laying in my bed on my phone for a few hours. When I heard my back door being opened. I live alone. So this was absolutely terrifying, imagine being home alone laying in your bed, at midnight then hearing your squeaky back door creak open.

I yelled into my house, to whoever had broken in, or rather walked in. To leave before I call the cops. I got no answer, of course. But I never heard anyone leave. That was the moment I heard, a nightmare-ish laugh, it echoed through out the whole house.

I ran to my bathroom, it being the only door in my house with a lock. As soon as I was in there I locked the door, I heard loud foot steps come up stairs. And stop right at the bathroom door.

They started banging really hard on the door, then I heard them scratching at the door with what I had thought to be a knife. I screamed at them that I was on the phone with the cops, and they’d better leave before they got there.

That’s when I actually got on the phone with the cops. I heard someone say in a really deep and scary voice that they just wanted some candy. I didn’t answer, I just stood in the middle of bathroom open mouthed. Scared of whoever the man outside the door was.

They walked away after saying that, but I didn’t get out of my bathroom until the cops were there. Once I got out, the cops handed me a Micheal Myers mask and asked “is this yours?”.

My eyes opened as wide as humanly possible, I asked them where they had found it. They said they found it sitting on my table. Downstairs in my kitchen.

I told them it wasn’t mine, and that it belonged to a strange trick or treater I had gotten, way later than anyone would normally be out. I felt like an idiot. Of course I couldn’t have gotten an actual tricker treater to my house at 11pm.

I am scared for this Halloween, I’m in fear of the man returning. And doing whatever he was gonna do to me last Halloween. I’m absolutely terrified.

That’s how Halloween became, the scariest night/ day of my life.

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