Citrine Stone

Everything You Need to Know About Citrine :

A naturally occurring semi-precious gemstone from the Quartz mineral family, citrine ranges in colour from yellow to golden brown. Vedic astrology states that this gemstone should be worn in place of the priceless Yellow Sapphire (upratna) to increase riches, social standing, wisdom, health, and progeny bliss. In western astrology, it is also recognised as the alternate birthstone for November.

citrine stone

Citrine is an uncommon form of translucent quartz that ranges in colour from pale yellow to brownish orange. Before the advent of modern gemology, its tawny tint led to a misidentification with topaz. Citrine is the most popular yellow-to-orange stone due to its alluring hue, durability, and affordability, which it shares with the majority of other quartzes. Not only is it a desirable substitute for topaz, but also for yellow sapphire. The purest citrine is a rich yellow to reddish orange colour without any hints of brown.

Since citrine in its natural state is uncommon, the majority of the citrine found in consumer products is the result of heat treatment, which transforms some amethyst from an unattractive pale violet to a beautiful yellow. The initial colour of the amethyst influences how richly yellow the ensuing citrine will be.

Citrine crystals come in a variety of sizes, and sizes up to 20 carats are frequently used in jewellery. Citrine is a warm yellow gem that comes in normal sizes and shapes, but several high-end jewellery designers and gem carvers have fashioned the gem into unique designs for jewellery and carvings.

citrine stone

Citrine Crystal Types :

There are two types of citrine, natural and heat-treated, as was already mentioned. Leavy claims that in addition to those two variants, there are a few other ones that have been documented. One of these is madeira citrine, a darker variety of citrine.

She adds that there is also something known as Kundalini citrine, which is not a particular kind but rather a certain formation known as the abundant formation. “The base of [the abundant formation] is surrounded by smaller crystals all around one giant crystal. It is utilised or associated primarily with money, prosperity, abundance, and manifesting.

Qualities That Promote Healing:

  1. It might give you more self-confidence.

Think about confidence when you think of citrine. Citrine is a good stone for revitalising your dreams, your ambitions, and your willpower, according to Van Doren. It is perfect for “everything to do with your confidence, your feeling of self, your actual physical vitality and showing up brightly, confidently strong.”

  1. It might help people feel happier.

Citrine is associated with the sun’s energies, encouraging a sensation of joy and light, says crystal specialist Heather Askinosie. It makes you feel good about yourself and fills your aura with energy, enthusiasm, and positivity.

  1. It promotes clarity and concentration.

Citrine is excellent for boosting confidence, and it can also inspire the fresh thoughts that result from mental clarity. When it comes to the mental realm, citrine “connects with knowledge and wisdom, so it’s fantastic for achieving some clarity—either general mental clarity if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or clarity regarding a specific circumstance.”

  1. It can attract a large amount of abundance.

Citrine has also long been associated with success, richness, and wealth. She adds that this makes sense considering its capacity to increase self-assurance, inner strength, and bravery, and that it’s a fantastic crystal to utilise if you’re hoping to attract success. It may draw a lot of people.

  1. It assists with solar plexus chakra support.

Citrine is a fantastic stone for the solar plexus chakra, which brings up the rear (which is, fittingly, associated with the colour yellow). Citrine is an excellent stone for energising your solar plexus, which is your centre for how you present yourself to the outside world.

citrine stone

How To Utilize Citrine:

  1. Keep a piece of it nearby your work area.

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for the office, according to Van Doren, because of its capacity to increase self-assurance. Askinosie had stated the same, advising that you close your eyes and hold a piece of citrine in your hands as you sit at your desk each morning.

“Imagine the world is filled with light and love. Put it on your workstation on top of your business card as a daily reminder to vibrate at your best.

  1. Put it on as jewellery.

Of course, wearing citrine jewellery is still another simple approach to work with it. You can then wear it all day to benefit from its effects. (More on wearing citrine to follow.)

  1. Put it in a spell jar.

Citrine is a wonderful accent to use within spell jars or spell pouches, according to experts. This is especially true if your spell deals with any of the aforementioned themes associated with citrine, such as abundance, confidence, or clarity.

  1. Keep it in the area where you’d like more positive energy.

Is there a place in your house that you feel a little low-spirited in? Askinosie had earlier     advised adding a piece of citrine to brighten it. “This crystal will act as a pillar of happiness and positivity in your space. Its spirit makes you grin as soon as you see it and hold it in your hands “She remarks

  1. Use it as a meditation tool.

Meditating with citrine—or any crystal, for that matter—is one of the simplest methods to deal with it. Van Doren advises mbg to use the following visualisation while focusing on a particular dream or goal while holding a piece of citrine:

Locate a peaceful area and remove your shoes to allow your feet to touch with the ground.

Imagine achieving a certain objective while holding a piece of citrine in your palms or placing one on your navel. Put that objective in your mind’s eye and let it dangle a few feet in front of you in a clear balloon.

Visualize electrifying flames starting to flicker upward and outward from your citrine stone as they gradually transform the balloon’s clean tint into a bright, fiery orange.

Blow the glistening balloon away with a puff to the place where tasks are always completed on time and aspirations are always realised.

Don’t forget to express gratitude to your crystal when you’re finished; this is a crucial last step because it disconnects your personal energy from the crystal.

citrine stone

Cleansing & Charging Your Crystal:

  • It’s a fairly simple process to cleanse and/or charge your citrine crystal if you feel like it may use a little boost.
  • Just be cautious while refreshing your crystal in the sun, as this might cause citrine to lose its vibrancy. If you’re going to charge it outside in the sun, keep it there for no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Beyond that, you can give it a charge that is unique to the intention you choose. You may charge your citrine stone on top of a picture of yourself, for instance, if you’re using it to boost your confidence.
citrine stone

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