Hi every one, this story is sent by my friend Mercy G, so let’ start

Fictional stories go as far as they can and Indo wrote some out of pure joy and scares and some are actually real but I choose not to say which are which, but this is one story that bothers me, my mother told this to me and my brother when we were kids, so I can’t tell you what to believe, that’s up to you to decide.

There was a woman who had lost her daughter to a sickness she couldn’t fight off, back then on the reservations they didn’t have doctors that stayed, they didn’t have fancy caskets like they have today also, everything was done old school, a wooden box with padding and a pillow, no fancy medical equipment.

So this young girl they thought she was dead cause not sure how but her body wasn’t responding, not breathing seemingly, went cold…

They had no choice but to claim her as dead, they had a funeral/viewing the next day and they mourned, visited, comforted them the following day they had a box made up for this young girl.

Boxed her, nailed it shit, lowered her into the ground and went about their ways.

What happened next was that the mother of the young girl started having dreams of her daughter calling out to her, happened the first night and the next night followed with the same dream, on the third day she told her brother about these dreams that were happening, she would see her daughter crying and clawing at the box trying to get out “mom, mom I’m still here! Let me out please”.

Constantly begging and crying to be let out, that image alone and hearing that was terrifying but heart breaking.

The third day like I said, the woman told her brother and she convinced him to get a few other men from the community to check on her daughter.

The graves back then were only about four feet keep in mind.

That late evening when the sun had started to set these men were able to dig up the young girls grave and were shocked what they found.

The girl had drowned, the last night before it had rained and water filled up the box and they found scratches on the board she was buried in, she had been buried alive and somehow making contact to her mother through her dreams.

They didn’t really have no choice but to just seal the box back up again and never spoke of it but the mother wouldn’t let it slide, whenever she told the story to others they would just think she was crazy but she knew that her daughter was calling to her crying “mom I’m still alive, help me please mom!”

That grave is still there from what I seen and that story is still told amongst others.

Apparently the running joke about my reservation is that it’s all haunted land and sometimes the dead don’t stay dead, that’s why you never walk alone cause if you are? The dead will keep you company…. Apparently.

Believe it or not, it’s a true story. Thanks for reading.

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