Hi every one, this story is sent by my friend Patrick so let’ start, 

I’ve always been a firm nonbeliever of the paranormal, however after the events of this day my perspective has definitely changed.

Back when I lived in New York I worked as a taxi driver. It was relatively easy money, and sometimes I would have some interesting interactions with people. All of this made the job fun, interacting with people, hearing their stories, sometimes I would have great conversations with them.

It was 11 PM and I got a call asking to pick someone up by a hotel. I headed that way and when I arrived, I saw a young woman carrying 2 travel bags. “Where to?” I asked as she got into my car. There was a ten second delay before she answered me. “Washington Square Park” she said. While I was driving, I decided to try and make conversation. “So, how’s your day been?” I asked her. She remained silent, she then tapped on the glass twice. I had figured she just didn’t wanna talk so I continued driving.

10 minutes had gone by, neither of us saying a word. She began knocking on the glass, “Everything ok?” I asked her. She still remained silent. She started knocking on the glass harder. At this point we were only a minute away from her stop. Once we got there, the knocking had stopped. “Here’s your stop” I said. She had remained silent, I looked at her and she was staring at me with the most lifeless expression I have ever seen. “Hey, this is your stop” I said. She began knocking on the glass again. “Is everything ok miss?” I said. She began knocking harder and harder on the glass, to the point where she was practically punching the window. I looked down on my phone to dial 911, and once I had looked up, she had disappeared. There were no signs of life, no bags, no nothing. I hadn’t even heard my car door open; she was just gone.

Believe me, I’ve tried every single rational explanation. I still don’t understand what happened on that day. and I’m glad I’m okay and she didn’t do anything to me. After this I never worked as a taxi driver during night, I eventually moved away from New York. Now every single time I think of my time in New York, I think of this situation and I get scared.

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