Hi, Eveyone, Chad sat in his car distraught and crying harder than he ever had, head on the steering wheel after hearing the bad news his wife barb died due to brain aneurysm at work, he had just came out from the hospital and sat in the parking lot for over an hour handling calls from family members and friends.

After he had finished the last call, he started his way home but the one question in his mind kept repeating “how am I gonna tell Bobbi” His seven-year-old daughter, he wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

He called his sister-in-law Tina to meet him at the house, with no hesitation she agreed and shortly after they meet at the corner of their home street.

Chad gets out of the car leaving it parked the corner along with Tina’s, the two hug tightly sobbing taking a few minutes to figure out how they would break the news.

The few minutes turned to an hour which exceeded to two hours, night has come and Chad starts to build up his composure, readying himself to do the almost impossible task.

As he started to walk up the pathway with Tina beside him, hand on his shoulder and could see Bobbi walking around in the house playing with her dog.

Chad walks in and Bobbi comes running and hugging him tightly and still unaware of the news of her mother, he smiles hiding his pain as she hugs aunt Tina.

She goes on to play and Tina whispers in Chad’s ear “you sure you can do this?”

Chad nods his head holding back tears and wails of grief.

Taking his time while sitting with Tina and the babysitter that sat with Bobbi.

A silence fills the entire house as Bobbi is upstairs brushing her teeth getting ready for bed, suddenly she comes running down the stairs and yells “MOMMY IS HOME FROM WORK!”

Chad chokes on his own water and runs to Bobbi “Hunny? What are you talking about?”

She smiles and points at the door “I see mommy walking up the pathway! She’s home!”

Chads eyes start to fill with tears of sadness while looking at his daughter “Baby, I got something to tell you… Mommy… Mommy had…”

Looking down breaking eye contact with his daughter when suddenly there is a shadow. Walking by the window, Chad looks to his right and can see a silhouette on the stone porch making its way to the door.

His heart skips a beat and his blood runs cold, Tina and the babysitter standing behind them witnessing the same thing, all speechless as Bobbi smiles looking towards the door.

“Hunny… That can’t be mommy cause… Cause mommy is…”

The door handle starts to jiggle lightly as Chad gasps wiping away his tears seeing the door is locked, hands shaking as he stands and turns towards the door holding his daughter back slightly behind him, Tina and the babysitter watch in horror at what they are witnessing.

The handle shakes once more and three slow heavy knocks start to rumble the door followed by the handle shaking once more.

Chad slowly makes his way towards the door. “Daddy? Aren’t you going to let her in?”

Chad presses his back against the door, he carefully peeks over the doors upper window and can see his wife’s distinctive dyed blonde hair, her hair has always needed a touch up cause her roots always showed.

Gasping in his fear as he looks at Tina and the babysitter shaking their heads in fear knowing what Chad is thinking.

“It can’t be her Chad… Don’t do it!”

Bobbi then pushes her to the side “Fine I’ll open it!”

Chad stumbles shaken from his fear and grief, easily pushed by a child, he quickly lunges and picks up Bobbi “NOOOO!!!”

holding her as he quickly spins towards the door’s direction.

“I unlocked it! Daddy look!”

The door handle turns and the door is slowly pushed open from the outside, making a creaking uneasy sound.

Tina and the babysitter run away to the back of the house as Chad closes his eyes tightly hearing his daughter laugh in his arms.

“Hi mommy!!!”

Chad let’s out a whimper keeping his eyes closed, still holding his daughter and hears his wife’s voice…

“……I’m home……”







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