Hi everyone, it started from a new house we bought a new house because the old house was a bit small and far away from my office.

then my wife and I shifted to that new house, and we were so tired of shifting everything so we slept early that night.

everything was fine that day but the next day at night we both sleep as like a regular day.

when I was sleeping, I suddenly heard a weird voice like someone is crying and whispering next to my ears like (LEAVE ME ALONE, LET ME GO, I DID NOTHING), I woke up i thought it was a nightmare, so I fell asleep again then after some time a sound of closing the door loudly came and I got up from sleep then I asked my wife did you heard any strange sound like crying or yelling,  my wife said I didn’t hear any sound, you are tired please sleep I said okay then I slept that night.

I woke up the next day and went to work then after some two three hours, my wife called me

and she said someone may have entered our bedroom because all the things were scattered, she said I search everywhere but I couldn’t find anyone, and her voice was frightening. I told her to call the neighbours, by the time I leave the office, and as soon as I got home, I didn’t see anyone in the house.

and when I got into the bedroom I scared because,

my wife was hanging and swinging in the air like a ghost and she looking at me differently

and she said “WHY YOU CAME SO LATE” in two three different voices, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU SO LONG BABY…….!!







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