Hi Everyone, When I was in high school, I babysat for some families in my neighbourhood to make some extra money. I was pretty close with the kids since I had been babysitting them for years. One night I get a text saying they were a friend of one of the families I babysit for. Let’s call them Jane. “Hey it’s jane blank gave me your number would you be able to babysit for a couple hours Saturday night at 8? I agree and she gives me the address, although they live pretty far, I stick to my word. Saturday night rolls around and I take a bus to get there. I live in a pretty small town and am familiar with most of the roads but for some reason this home was hard to find. I walk down the gravel driveway and am met with Jane who had already been waiting for me at the door. I greet her, the home is cold and dark but spacious, the floorboards creaked under us while she showed me around and gave me clear instructions. “No tv after 8:30 Claire is 9 now so I expect her to follow instructions but if you could make sure she’s in bed before 9 that would be great. She leads me into the kitchen to show me where the snacks were in case, I got hungry when we get into the kitchen, I spot something in the corner of my eye. Something was peeking at me at the end of the corridor. I look over to see that it’s a little girl wearing a red dress, that must be Claire I say. “Oh, you must be special she rarely ever comes out of her room anymore. I glance at the same spot again and the girl was gone. When the mother leaves I walk up the stairs to say hi to Claire, her door is locked so I knock lightly. Soft classical music is playing so I leave her alone for a while. I’m a very nosy person so I took the opportunity to look around the old house it was pretty big there were so many hidden nooks and doors. After a while of exploring, I look at the time its 8:47 I should make sure Claire is getting ready for bed. I walk back up the stairs but before I can get to the top the little girl is sitting on the steps. “It’s bedtime Claire” I say but no response she doesn’t move or say anything. Then I hear the bedroom door open “hi you must be my new babysitter” says a girl wearing a purple pyjama set. I look back down and the girl on the steps isn’t there anymore. In complete confusion I say “I think your sister is playing hide and seek” Claire looks at me confused and says “I don’t have a sister. At this point I’m completely freaked out, i laugh it off and tuck her into bed and go back downstairs. Jane didn’t mention having another child either. Who was the little girl. At this point I must be going crazy I watch some tv downstairs to clear my head i put something random on making sure it’s on a low volume. Around 11:30 I hear crunching in the kitchen as if someone had been eating cooking in the pantry. I expect that it’s Claire who had snuck out of her room for a late-night snack. When I walk into the kitchen the pantry door is open with a chips ahoy box on the floor with tons of crumbs. But no Claire. I find a broom in the corner and begin sweeping up the mess. “Claire no sneaking food it’s bedtime” I say. While sweeping the last few cookie bits I hear a faint giggle behind me I bolt around and see a trail of crumbs down the dark corridor and at the end of the trail was the girl in the red dress. At this point I know I’m not insane she was really standing a couple meters away from me. Fuck this I murmur. I slowly place the broom back in the corner, she’s still standing there giggling from time to time which felt like a fucking lifetime. After a few seconds she turns and runs into the living room. I stay in the kitchen until the mom comes home and I don’t bother telling her anything I needed to get out of that house. She pays me and I bolt out of there so fast. I am never babysitting for her again.






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