Hi, Everyone, So, this one story my grandfather told me is a crazy LONG ONE BUT WORTH THE READ AND WORTH ME BEING TOLD THIS STORY ENDLESS TIMES…

My grandfather has been a farmer family brought up lad. so, when he was very young, he use to come to his farm with his grandfather. They had a little watch tower sort of establishment made of wood just near to the middle of the field to keep a check on the crops. Now daily my grandfather’s grandfather use to keep a small bunch of fruits/ grains etc at the near end of the stairs of the tower. My grandfather was curious and asked his grate grandfather that why is it there. His grate grandfather use to just pat his back, laugh and would say pray to God that you don’t get to know why. My grandfather use to accompany his grate grandfather daily to the tower and would return before sunset. Once On a full moon night before the sunset my grandfather and his grate grandfather were sitting on the tower and watching the field when suddenly a herd of cows ran into the field. My great gf rushed down to wade them away… Telling my gf to stay in the tower. He did not return for 2-3 hours at least… It was way past sunset now. As it happened there was a ruckus in the village as to whose herd of cows it was and it made my great gf simply forget about THE post sunset deal. As soon he remembered he ran towards his field. My gf was calmly sitting in the tower when my great gf came… He looked at the grains kept at the end of the stairs and told my gf to come down… My gf was having the time of his life and reluctantly told him to come up since it was already night and that he can stay till morning now no big deal… My great grandfather then shouted at my gf to come immediately down. It was very unusual for him to be shouting like that and then my gf was so afraid that he started stepping towards the stairs to come down when he saw a big animal running from one patch to another patch in the field… Grunting…As that animal came to the next patch it turned into a swan… And another patch it turned into a dog… Though the transformation was not visible but it being a full moon night it was enough light to see a cow/ bull sort of animal suddenly getting into the field first patch and flying out a swan and then swan into the second field patch and dog springing out till the second last patch and this went on until the dog on coming to the last patch turned into a woman and came out of the field very heroically… she came just down the tower and started mincing her teeth in anger and just kept staring my great gf very viciously and kept signalling my gf☝️with a long-elated finger to not come down. She kept on saying things in our language but very broken and hardly understandable to my great gf to leave … Leave leave and made this guttural sound that big cats, dogs or wolves make while showing their teeth when they seem to dislike something… My great gf suddenly spoke in a very distorted tone in my language to let me be his prey to which the woman straight away shrieked a deafening amount of rage filled scream that my gf got on the wooden floor and covered his ears. He cud still see the contorted face of my great gf melting into a ghoulish avatar with pitch black holes for eyes and a long-shed mouth … and that thing simply ran away in the opposite direction on all fours at an inhuman speed. I saw the woman now going back towards the middle of the field and sitting down and out of my sight. My grandfather suddenly made the courage to call out for my great gf to which he was replied back by a loud scream as if to keep him quiet. Some fifteen minutes into the horrifying field watch tower with strange inhuman voices and howls coming from all directions my gf finally saw my great gf coming bk into the field towards the tower with a firelight in hand and came running up the tower. He certainly looked very worried and horrified when my gf told him what had happened. He waved a thank you gesture towards the field area where the woman i told him went, sat and disappeared when suddenly we both heard clanking of the bangles. We both saw the woman rising up in the field and disappearing and in few seconds a mouse drove up our tower and my great grandfather took the mouse into his hands and bowed to him. Offered it all he had to eat and thanked it multiple times for saving me… went onto wait till morning to tell me that the one entity my gf saw that looked like my great gf was a wendigo which we call pret in our mythology and that he came to hunt me down and would have definitely taken me with him. My great gf has seen this pret a lot of times but him being always up the tower was safe and that is the reason he never allowed my gf to stay the night in the tower because kids are the prets favourite preys and the woman is actually a very native and good spirit that has guarded our farmland from generations all in return for a bunch of fruits/ grains every night .. the reason the pret cud not enter in the tower because he saw the offering being made to this nice spirit and it’s a mark of her/ its territory that the pret cud never cross. The offering is still made to this day by my paternal uncles and will be made by generations to come. It is THE RULE And that’s how i know about these entities in my case. Between the woman strangely resembled my great grandfather’s wife who passed away way before my gf birth and i have been told it sometimes takes forms of different ppl in my family that have passed away in a way to show us that she/ it and those family members are to protect us. My grandfather on his last trip to our farmland when accompanied by my uncle on the tower saw a glimpse of his son and my dearest late father in the field …. who had passed away some years before. Its heart melting and also… Warming and warning. I did go to the tower as well… But wasn’t fortunate enough to see my father or it despite staying the night. But the grains/fruits are still kept today.






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