Hi Every one, i came u with a new story So lets start My family has always lived on farmland not many trees, no nearby neighbours nothing. Except for an abandoned house far behind ours. There is a row of trees about 100’ from my backdoor, and behind those few trees was this eerie deserted house.

When me and my brother Todd were younger we always wanted to explore this house out of pure curiosity yet to our dismay, we were always said no by our parents. Us kids being kids ignored our parent’s orders and decided to sneak out one night to explore the house.

As my parents told me goodnight, I waited under my blanket for my parents to head to bed. After an hour of them watching TV, I finally heard them go into their room. I got out of bed and grabbed a flashlight while throwing a dark-coloured hoodie on. Once I was ready, I went into Todd’s room and he was already dressed up with a flashlight ready to go. We crept out the backdoor, careful not to make any noise. We flipped our flashlights on and started towards the house.

“Aren’t you just a little scared?” my younger frightened brother says to me while sticking close to my side. “Of course, not” that was a bold face lie. I was terrified but being the older brother, I tried to show some courage. After a minute we had arrived at the front door of the abandoned house.

“Leave the front door open just in case we have to make a quick exit” I say jokingly but seriously to Todd. Once we stepped into the house, I had a chill shoot down my spine sweat started to speed down my body as me and Todd examined the interior of the residence. The home was very strange, there was a hallway to my left and some stairs to my right. “Shall we split up?” I say jokingly. Unsurprisingly Todd is not leaving my side. We first explored the downstairs. Through the hallway there was a living room with an old ripped up couch and a few other pieces of furniture. The home’s impression was unusual. A chilling ambiance could be heard echoing throughout the vents of the residence. “Let’s head upstairs maybe there will be something cool up there” Todd suggests. We started on the stairs to explore the rest of the house.

There were eerie and strange paintings on the wall, making you really wonder who lived there before it was abandoned. Once we got to the top of the stairs, there was a bedroom and a bathroom, they were both empty besides a bunch of cluttered junk. “This is so lame” Todd mutters from behind me. “Yeah I was expecting to find something interesting, let’s head back”

As we walked towards the stairs a chilling thud coming from the front door made us freeze in our tracks. It was the front door slamming shut. Was it the wind? Did my parents see us and come follow? Why would they shut the door? Is the original owner back? My mind and heart were racing. Todd and I slowly crept back into the bedroom and got on our stomachs and slid underneath the bed.

Covering our mouths we lied there as we listened to the person walk around downstairs. They walked very slowly and took very heavy footsteps. They went through to the kitchen and living room as my brother and I laid there stunned. Then the person started on the stairs. One step. Two steps. We laid there anticipating the inevitable for what felt like an eternity. They came into our view. It was dark but our eyes had somewhat adjusted. The person was wearing black boots with dark pants. They walked past the bedroom to the bathroom. While contemplating making a run for it the man came back into view. He was facing us. He slowly took a step directly towards us. Sweat was rushing my brother and I were pale. The man took another step towards us. I started shaking. My brother grabbed onto my arm and buried his eyes into my bicep. The man took another step. He practically had his boots on our mouths. I shut my eyes while holding my breath trying to make as little noise as humanly possible. After what seemed like an eternity, the man finally turned and headed for the stairs. He walked straight out the front door leaving it open. Todd and I took our chance and bolted out the door straight to our house. We made it back safe and never told a soul about what happened to us. The next morning my dad cut on the news and the front headline read, “LOCAL MAN ARRESTED AFTER CONFESSING TO MULTIPLE HOME INVASIONS”. My head started to spin. Was that the man? Was he the one who came so very close to finding my brother and I? What would have happened if he found us? It’s safe to say that me and Todd won’t be sneaking out anytime soon.






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