Hi every one, I don’t know how to start this but let me put context to the story. When I was younger maybe 7 or 8 years old. My parents would send me and my older sister to this one camp, now the camp was situated in a high school. The school was huge kinda as big as a college. So, every summer my parents would send us 2 weeks to this camp.

My sister and I hated that camp, it was boring and the supervisors were often ignorant teens. My sister and I were never in the same group due to age difference. I would go with my group for the weeks and make friends amongst them.

Now that you’re in context let me tell you about that one bathroom. The bathroom I’m talking about was situated near the gym. The door was far you had to walk pass a dark hallway of lockers and open two doors to get in the bathroom. The bathroom was the girls locker room as well there was showers and tiny lockers. The bathroom was poorly lighted and there was in total 2 doors to exit and one with two doors like I just said.

We never liked going alone, I would nearly always go with a friend. One day my friend and I at the time went to the bathroom giggling, I went in a stall and did my little business. But my friend finished before and left. I always took a long time when I was younger due to the fact that I got nervous quickly.

I was on the toilet seat and it all went dark. The lights were turned off I was sure of it, I obviously said ” Hello? ” no one answered. Then I heard walking I shivered. Still on the seat something started scratching and banging at my stall door. I was terrified but there were no feet I couldn’t see legs. When it stopped and pulled my pants on and ran out the stall to the sink. I don’t know why but I took the time to wash my hands. Once I was done and still in the dark heard some of the tiny locker’s slam shut. I walked fast near the shower and some turned on. That was the last straw I ran out the bathroom to the gym. I didn’t believe what had just happened I didn’t tell my friends at the time nor my family but I did beg my parents to change camps. It worked after begging for 5 years.

I don’t know if this happened again but there was a lot of rumours after my incident. I did stay maybe 5 years at that camp and many weird things happened but this was the weirdest one, I could write more if I remember them clearly.

But I told this story to many friends most never believed me and honestly sometimes I don’t believe it myself.






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